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The Artist

Shmuel Diamond is widely celebrated as one of the finest event and portrait photographers active in the Jewish world today.

His portfolio showcases the most distinguished families and individuals, drawing international acclaim for his sought-after services. Despite being based in Jerusalem, he is regularly flown across the world to document prestigious events within the international Jewish community.

Additionally, he operates a thriving online photography school at, where he mentors aspiring photographers from all corners of the globe. To date, his guidance has played a pivotal role in empowering hundreds of Jewish men and women to establish thriving photography businesses of their own.

But Shmuel has another side…

He is a devoted Torah teacher and spiritual mentor for numerous aspiring Jews, conducting numerous Torah classes both in person and online through his Torah website, Grounded in the traditions of the Baal Shem Tov and the Kabbalah of the Arizal, Shmuel imparts an authentic legacy received from his Rebbe, presented in a language and style well-suited to our generation.


He lives in the heart of Jerusalem with his wife and children.

With his most recent endeavor, Neshama Wall Art, Reb Shmuel skillfully merges the two domains he knows best—Photography and Kadusha—creating remarkable digital art that, with the help of Heaven, promises to elevate your home, making it both holier and more beautiful.

A Message from Shmuel

As Jews, we are compared to both sand and stars. Yaakov's famous vision of the ladder, with its feet on the ground and its head reaching to the Heavens, symbolizes the unique role of the Jew in this world—to synthesize the physical and spiritual! This holy mission of the Jew is never expressed more profoundly than in the Jewish home—our מקדש מעט!


As a visually sensitive person, the beauty and orderliness of my home are of the utmost importance, but as a Jewish husband and father, creating a semblance of קדושה and sanctity is even more so.

I feel privileged to be able to offer you a product that fulfills both roles... In style! Beauty beyond imagination and a genuine and palpable קדושה! bH.

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to helping you enhance your home,


If you are interested, below is a recording of a Zoom presentation that

Shmuel gave in the summer of 2021 about his Teshuva story,

which runs parallel to the development of his photography career.

(This audio/visual presentation runs for 32 minutes)

From Wembley To Jerusalem (Picking Up G-d On The Way In India)
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